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Hearth&Home Goods | Dog Bathrobe | Drying Robe With Velcro

Dog Bathrobe | Drying Robe With Velcro

Dog Bathrobe | Drying Robe With Velcro

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Material for Dog Bathrobe: The Dog Robe is crafted from high-quality 350G microfiber, which is luxuriously soft and provides exceptional comfort for your furry friend. It can be used as a pet pajama and provides effective insulation against cold weather.

Size Range for All Canine Breeds: Regardless of whether you own a small feline or a giant Alaskan, we offer a range of sizes for the perfect dog drying towel. Each dog bathrobe is spacious enough to swaddle your pet and ensure optimal comfort. If you're unsure about which size to select, we recommend choosing the larger one.

Adjustable: Our microfiber dog towel includes Velcro fasteners that allow for easy size adjustment without causing any discomfort to your pet. This highly absorbent pet bathrobe can also be utilized on both sides.

Easy to Clean: The doggy bathrobe can be cleaned in the washing machine and tumble dried, making it reusable and eliminating the need to visit a pet store for a bath. The dog towel is large, which makes it incredibly convenient for use at home.

Suitable Scenarios: The microfiber pet towel is an excellent choice for a variety of situations, including swimming, bathing, and drying your dog after rain. It is highly absorbent, quick-drying, and provides warmth and comfort to keep your dog healthy and happy.
Better Guarantee: If you have any problem with our products, please feel free to contact us for a replacement.

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