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Hearth&Home Goods | Floppy Fish Pet Toy | USB Charging

Floppy Fish Pet Toy | USB Charging

Floppy Fish Pet Toy | USB Charging

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Interactive and Fun for Cats: The automatic built-in motion sensor of this cat kicker toy kicks into action every time your feline touches it, and the cat teaser fish moves in a wiggling way, providing an intriguing play experience. It makes for a perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's gift for pet owners or your own pets.

Realistic Fish Simulation: The vivid moving fish toy resembles a real fish, which makes it an eye-catcher for cats, keeping your kitty engaged and entertained in real-time. This alleviates boredom and loneliness when you're away from home.
Cozy & Entertaining: This kitty toy is made of soft, durable plush material that your kitten can chew and wrestle with. 

USB Rechargeable: This toy is USB rechargeable, which saves you from the hassle and costs of replacing batteries. The USB cable is included in the package, and the chargeable motor is detachable for convenient cleaning of the plush toy. To use, simply unzip the fish belly, flip the switch on, and then tap the fish belly to make the fish flop. When charging, the red light comes on, and when fully charged, the red light goes out.

Better Guarantee: If you have any problem with our products, please feel free to contact us for a replacement.
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