The Spurtle – 2-Piece Set

So, what is a spurtle?
The spurtle is a wooden Scottish kitchen tool, dating back to the fifteenth century! There are two types of spurtles, the rod shaped spurtle was used to stir porridge and then the flat spurtle, like ours, known as the 'Couthie Spurtle', was used to flip oat cakes or make pancakes.

The versatile, must-have kitchen tool
Our spurtles are so versatile, they will quickly become your “go to” kitchen tool! The long, flat blade with curved edge makes it easy to scrape the sides and bottom of a peanut butter jar to get the last bit or to get into the corners of your pan while you cook. There are so many uses such as stirring sweet iced tea, mixing cake batter, crumbling ground beef, scooping out spaghetti squash, and spreading mayonnaise – just to name a few.

Heat-resistant and won’t scratch
Do you have nice pots & pans and want to keep them looking new and unscratched? Our heat-resistant, (up to 356°F), spurtles are made from bamboo which is lightweight, durable and long-lasting, but it won’t scratch, scrape or damage steel, ceramic, glass or non-stick cookware!

What events are coming up on your calendar?
Our spurtles make a wonderful, unique gift for friends or family members that love to cook or for wedding, housewarming, birthdays, mother’s day, hostess and Christmas gifts!

What comes in the box?
Our 2-piece spurtle set includes two sizes: 13” and 8.75”.

Care Instructions
Hand washing is recommended. This will help preserve the natural beauty of the bamboo wood.

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